Change is a constant

DUCTU helps organisations growing their business agility in the ever-changing environment

organizations cannot keep pace despite all the methods and tools available

Let's find out why!

Is your organisation caught in the red queen's race

"Well, in our country," said Alice, still panting a little, "you'd generally get to somewhere else—if you run very fast for a long time, as we've been doing."

"A slow sort of country!" said the Queen. "Now, here, you see, it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place."

from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

Common thinking model

separation of 'how work works' and Leadership

How work works

Division of labor - separation of tasks in a system so that people specialise in functions (e.g. business, HR, Finance, IT...) and at levels; often referred to as silos

Resource efficiency - a measure for the extent the resources, that a company possesses, are utilised in the processes

Open-loop systems design - takes input under consideration and doesn’t react on the feedback to obtain the desired outcome

Executive function is narrowed down to authoritarian micro management

Leadership &

executive function

Humans act rationally; Individuals' efforts to pursue their own interest may frequently benefit society; the so called invisible hand

Change is organised as an execution of a 'one-stop quick relieve' solution to (re-)align

    • Selection of this solution (e.g. a method or a tool) is often driven by following the choice of the majority; known as the bandwagon effect
    • Change is externally enabled, and as a result fuelled externally (e.g. method, experts, bootcamps...)

Leadership is structured in functional silos and organised hierarchical; thinking and doing is separated

Often, the common thinking model seems to fail faster and more devastating then ever before and this, despite all the methods and tools available

What to do about it!

need for a Fundamentally different way of thinking At all levels and all functions

More is different

A fundamentally different way of thinking is obtained by engaging the thinking and focusing on core capabilities

And this at all levels (e.g. individual, team, end to end, portfolio or strategic) and all functions (e.g. business, HR, Finance, IT...) of the organisation

The trinity enables growing business agility in an ever-changing environment, boosting agility

  • From team flow to enterprise flow,
  • From collaboration in teams to networked collaboration, and
  • From individual learning to organisational learning too

Unique practices (and a set of practices) emerge from engaging the thinking and focusing on core capabilities within the ever-changing environment

Inspired by OKALOA© Flowlab

A different way of thinking about, and doing business, the agile way

Okaloa Flowlab is a simulation toolkit to let people experience flow, collaboration and learning as corner stones for business agility

A deeper insight in how and why agile works is the pre-requisite for business agility and the agile organisation

change is different

While (continuous) change is at hand, or the pressure to change, tensions are just around the corner

If not acted upon, the organisation holds hostage in unfit and incongruent ways of thinking

Change is viral and contagious within a network

Change aims at bootstrapping self-enablement; creating the context for autonomy and alignment too

Therefore, the way to organise change (management) is different too!

DUCTU offers change leadership services

Uniqueness - creating a network for change


Thinking is intuitive as well as rational*

Engage bringing together the rational as well as the intuitive thinking, giving people a new experience influencing their mindset

Observe together 'on the floor' unfolding events to refine the mindset

"Intuitions come first,

strategic reasoning second"

Jonathan Haidt, the righteous mind

Grow communities

Thinking is social too*

Foster debate to learn and grow together by sharing and discussing models of how work works, change spreads and the executive function operates

Enrich the debate, encourage dissent feedback, creativity, empathy and truthfulness

Stimulate free inquiry, some advocacy and a civil debate

Create a network for change

Genuine Engagement of people can be measured as a network effect

Networked change is contagious and generative

Successful change is defined by its retention rate and equally important, the referral rate


Change needs to be nurtured in order to grow into profound change

Dealing with the delay (creative gap) long enough to allow effects to cumulate

Bootstrapping self-enablement, autonomy and alignment, towards sustained change

Delay is the challenge!

Tensions arise due to delay between acting and observing the (un-)desired effects

In addition the common thinking model, the starting point, blinds the observation of delay

Tensions that limit the change

  • Polarity - conflicting visions
  • Discouragement - collapse creative tension
  • Disorder - reality mismatch
  • Time pressure - ‘sign up’ for a commonly known solution (aka bandwagon effect) leading to orthodoxy

A tension prevents building a shared understanding; it blinds and seeds future failure


Leadership & Executive function

Start observing, engage the thinking and offer guidance

Unveil how decisions are made (collaborative decision-making ability) and validate the performance of decision making (decision-making throughput)

Facilitate observation and experimentation, and refine thinking models about 'how work works', change spreads and strategy deployment is organised

Offer change leadership guidance

  • Engaging people,
  • Growing communities, and
  • Unfolding profound change

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