Wim Bollen

agile enterprise coach - Okaloa Flowlab facilitator - curious observer - conscious doer

The bottom line

I coach organisations
to leverage a scaled value stream
to deliver appropriate services

About me

With over 20 years of experience in scale-up and large organisations,
I specialise in helping companies navigate critical transitions.
These transitions often involve adapting to rapidly changing competitive environments, adjusting value delivery skills to handle strategic initiatives, or developing a learning journey to balance current delivery capabilities with necessary tactical improvements.

Managing the interactions between multiple teams and unit can be challenging, especially at scale.
This scale creates inefficiencies in the value streams, resulting in a decline in delivery rates and an increase in time to market.
Many organisations find themselves in a paradox where attempting to initiate more work (to be finished), specialise staff, and optimise staff deployment only results in further delays in time to market and a decrease in delivery rates.

To overcome these challenges, I use Okaloa Flowlab business simulations as a foundation to develop a shared understanding among staff of how value is delivered.
I then work to initiate perpetuating change on a large scale, coaching and mentoring individuals throughout the transition and developing the skills needed to moderate change.

Team of teams

See and manage value delivery
in a scaled value stream

"...at each level of complexity
entirely new properties appear, and
the understanding of the new behaviours requires research..."
Philip Warren Anderson, More Is Different

I collaborate with a team (or multiple teams) and provide:


Understand and manage
the conserving constraints

"The fast levels (teams) invent,
experiment and test.
The slower levels (governance bodies) stabilise and conserve accumulated memory of past."

I work with senior managers and executives to:

Okaloa Flowlab

Experience new ways of working
through business simulations

"An experiential way of training and coaching agile, weaving flow, collaboration and learning in ever more advanced forms of agility from the operational to the strategic level."
Patrick Steyaert

I have led numerous Okaloa Flowlab workshops, including:

I provide:

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That's why I specialise in: