We do change like no other change agent...

You implemented change in the past or you are in the middle of an agile transformation?

  • We moderate the change process.

  • We develop the capability to self-moderate.

  • We seek to establish a market of change within an organisation's ecosystem, aiming at traction of people towards contribution to the boosting the organisation.

  • We facilitate developing the capability to uncover better ways to deliver, create and discover value through meaningful work!

Joe, the businessman plugs a brain. It's a metaphor about to find ideas and about reflexion

We do change moderation

DUCTU is on a journey to uncover change!

All too often organisational change is restricted to an approach pushing practices and methods upon people. One may say it is a too extreme approach to force a change. It is an unmoderated change.

Often, the selection of the method is driven by the band wagon effect; the most popular method is selected and implementation is imposed.

We aim at developing the capability to uncover better ways to introduce change and deliver, create or discover value.

  • When disruption is your threat.

  • When your organisation’s survival looks grim and your capability to benefit from change is limited.

  • When dysfunctional behaviour is present.

  • When an agile transformation isn't delivering the expected success.

We make change go viral (creating traction) and perpetuate in your organisation and beyond (self-moderation)!

Is your organisation ready to change?

Change starts with understanding the ’system of work’

The 'system of work', as Patrick Steyaert describes in Okaloa Flowlab©, is offering insight in the fundamentals of how organisations become alive. It elaborates on all levels; operational, tactical and strategic. In other words across all levels and all functions.

Deepening the understanding of the emerging organisational patterns develops the shared thinking model towards better ways to deliver, create and discover value through meaningful work!

More is different, change is different

"...at each level of complexity entirely new properties appear, and
the understanding of the new behaviours requires research..."

Philip Warren Anderson, More Is Different

Build your viral system and get traction

People engaging other people,

at all levels and across all functions

Joe is a very intelligent businessman and he anticipates many things for doing growing up his company


Team of teams
Senior management
Executive leadership


-Guidance through
first experience
-Bootstrapping lifecycle


-People engaging
other people
-Growing viral engagement
A businesswoman runs after light bulbs. It's a metaphor of somebody who want find brilliant ideas


-Change becomes
a behaviour
-Developing capabilities to uncover


-Uncovering better ways to deliver, create and discover value through meaningful work, relentlessly

“...if you want to get people to coordinate or change their behaviour, you have to first and foremost deal with the existing web of relationships, rather than treat people as isolated individuals.”

Alex Pentland, Social Physics: How good ideas spread

More traction, more change

Successful change is based on a healthy network of peers that influence each other in a positive way.

Genuine engagement of people can be measured as a network effect; retention and referral.

Okaloa Flowlab© is a new, experiential, way of teaching and coaching 21st century business agility that involves the entire organisation. Rather than teaching a specific agile or lean method, it allows participants to explore the foundations of flow, collaboration and learning, and how they relate to each other!Patrick Steyaert and Arlette Vercammen of Okaloa created the Okaloa Flowlab simulation suite.Find out more about Okaloa Flowlab here.