Inspired by ‘know-how’, passionate about ‘know-why’

Founder, Wim Bollen

As a coach and a mentor I help organizations bootstrap their business agility through enterprise flow, on the tactical and strategic level of the organisation

My approach is characterized by pragmatic leadership, intuitive & rational learning and mentoring

My hands-on experience and hunger to learn and to understand make me do so

My entire career I have been working in innovative organisations. This experience together with my advisory career in corporate and midsize organizations have enabled me to assist companies in balancing the exploitation of their current business and explore future options

As a community curator I continuously bring people into contact with each other in order to share and build common knowledge

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Some stories about our services

Dirk De Boeck


"Wim was the Agile coach of my team over at bpost ICT. His approach was pragmatic, which I greatly appreciated. Use what you can, not what you must.Strong coaching mentality, listens 80% and talks only 20%. Discreet and able to respect confidentiality. I recommend Wim as an Agile coach because of his result driven way of working."

Alain Parmentier

ING Financial Markets

"I had the opportunity to work with Wim and organise Agile coaching for several Scrum/DevOps teams. Wim organised several workshops and tailored the content to meet the expectations of the teams. He was able to bring new angles and made the workshops a success in a complex environment. Thank you Wim, it will be a pleasure to work with you again in the future."

Kris Jansen

Engie Belux Marketing & Sales

"Ever since the start of our journey towards being fit-for-purpose Wim has been the driving force of our Lean-Agile adoption. Wim is able to translate theoretical Flow thinking (Lean-Agile) towards day-to-day coaching of teams through Okaloa Flowlab sessions and one-on-one coaching. From coaching IT-savvy (so-called downstream) to lesser IT-savvy (business-upstream), it's all possible. Having introduced a persistent Agile mindset in our organization is definitely one of the key achievements of Wim.”

Stef Van Bever

Virga Jessecollege Hasselt

"I had to get used to this approach as well. It was a learning process for me. There was not a readymade problem to be tackled within a couple of lessons. There was not one single solution. We were supposed to observe and to detect problems or bottlenecks and then look for a number of possible solutions. This is an exercise in divergent thinking addressing our creative abilities."

peers & partners



Founder of Okaloa

Creator of Okaloa Flowlab

As a creator of Okaloa Flowlab, he teaches and coaches business agility by making use of simulations that stimulate agile thinking. With his partner, Arlette Vercammen he succeeded to create a world-wide network of trainers and coaches that use Okaloa Flowlab in their day-to-day teaching and coaching. With his work on upstream, customer and discovery kanban he helps organizations to look at the end-to-end flow from suspected to satisfied need. He is a recipient of the 2015 Brickell Key award for outstanding contribution to the Kanban community.


De keersmaecker

Founder Bizzuals


Koen is a visual facilitator, a visual trainer and a visual coach.He is the founder of Bizzuals, a visual incubator that empowers people and organizations to think with the pen. His main observation is “People think they understand each other, but in reality they don’t”.DUCTU works with Koen- Visualization- Visual Facilitation- Visual Storytelling



Founder Beyond Solutions

Agile Wizard

Sven’s coaching activities consist of facilitating workshops, giving trainings, mentoring newcomers and discovering new ideas how to face the challenging day to day environment.DUCTU works with Sven- OBEYA concept Although already existing for decades, the OBEYA concept is for me one of the perfect examples where Lean and Agile are great matches- Tension and conflict mediation